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Are you looking for an exciting PS4 Ark Dedicated Cluster server? Then you are at the right place. We have no admins playing. PS4Ark currently has 4 cluster maps containing the maps: The Center, The Island, Ragnarok and Aberration. Learn how to join!
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Why us?

The cluster environment means you can travel between maps and transfer your dinosaurs and items and build on different maps. We are hosting our servers at Nitrado what gives us the best performance and upgrading possibilities. When we reach our maximum capacity of 300 players we will start renting more maps where new members can play on. When we release this new map we will add it in its own Cluster of all 3 maps and add it to the entire cluster after 2 weeks so people can build up without facing the alpha tribes yet! Our server has no offline raid protection and has boosted rates which can be found on our features page. We have started this community to become the biggest non official hosting on Ark. Our aim is to release many servers and have over tens of thousands of players happily playing with the rates they like. Next to the servers we are releasing we are currently building event servers that will also be added into the cluster map where we can let players fight other players in an arena, fight dinosaurs, work their way through mazes, jumping puzzles, raiding events and much more. We are very excited we finally have the resources to make this happen and are aiming for a lot of fun for everyone that is playing on our cluster maps. Are you going to be a part of our community?

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A real community

We have many active members, come join to build or fight!

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